Success: Headaches

“I had headaches for the past three years. When I was a teenager I was in a dirt bike accident. I was having alot of headaches after that. I was always in pain, very grumpy, and I constantly wanted to go to bed (to get rid of the pain). I was unhappy because I could not spend a lot of time with my daughter, due to constant pain and trying to sleep all the time. I tried AHA Chiropractic and unfortunately received no success, I always left in more pain. I tried “all” headache medication, which was not the answer, so Dr. Hooker referred me to Dr. Hejny’s office.
I began my care with Tahoe Forest Chiropractic on November 18th 2004. I am glad to say that the pain and pressure in the back of my head is gone, the stiffness and tightness in my neck and shoulders is gone. I can move better than before!

“Medication is not the answer. The techniques are painless and fast acting. The staff is the best!!! They make you feel welcome and confident.”


Deanna Dunn”