Success: Headache, Loss of Muscle Tone, and Stomach Aches

"I was involved in a car accident in which I was rear ended while waiting at a stop sign. After the accident I went to Tahoe Carson hospital and was diagnosed with “whiplash”.
I went through pain management for the symptoms only. I learned how to handle the pain but never how to care for the problem. I was given a special brace for my facial muscles, which helped ease the pain.
I also visited a general chiropractor and it helped, but minimally.

For eight months I dealt with headaches, stomachaches, and I was unable to lift objects because of low muscle tone.
I couldn’t do anything! I was totally depressed.

I was referred to Dr. Hejny by my former chiropractor and an oral/maxiofacial surgeon.
In Dec. 2006 I went to my first visit with Dr. Hejny.
It was miraculous! The pain in my back and especially in my neck was MUCH better.

The Dr. is the VERY BEST. He not only finds the problem, but gets results as well. His staff is very competent, caring, supportive, and again the best.

I would recommend this office to everyone!”
-Jeffery Marcus