Success: Chronic Pain

“Dear Dr. Hejny,

With this letter I would like to express my appreciation for the excellence in chiropractic care that you provide to me, and thank you for continuing to look for ways to improve you chiropractic method techniques and patient treatment, as you take continuing education courses. This was my first experience with the atlanto orthogonal technique and I believe it truly makes a difference.

Because I am a retired chiropractor, over the years I have received care from many chiropractors. I can say, without question, that you are the finest chiropractor I have had the great fortune to meet. I have been in chronic pain since 1997, when I retired from practice with serious disability. Under your care I was able to experience much “better days”. I can only imagine what you are able to do for patients without my poor health history.

I regret having to leave for the winter, I am not doing as well without your care, I miss you all terribly, and can hardly wait to return in the spring.

Thank you for doing what you do, and the way you do it.

Anne Page”

Success: Chronic Pain

“Dear Dr Hejny,

What else can I say except that you have changed my life!!!!! Because of a fall off of a horse and two car accidents (sideways whiplash both ways) I spent the last 30 years seeing a chiropractor approximately 4-6 times a month. And in between those visits I was on fairly heavy medication. There were ordinary things I could not do and I was limited to sitting where I had to look to my left not to my right. No more!!!!!!!!! After seeing you my life has totally changed – I now see a chiropractor once in a 5-6 months and rarely take medication. And I can sit where I like! When I do see a chiropractor I make sure that I see one who practices
Atlas Othogonality.
There really are not enough words to express my gratitude to you and Atlas Orthogonal.

Thank you so very much,
Janis T. Sterne”

Success: Headache, Loss of Muscle Tone, and Stomach Aches

"I was involved in a car accident in which I was rear ended while waiting at a stop sign. After the accident I went to Tahoe Carson hospital and was diagnosed with “whiplash”.
I went through pain management for the symptoms only. I learned how to handle the pain but never how to care for the problem. I was given a special brace for my facial muscles, which helped ease the pain.
I also visited a general chiropractor and it helped, but minimally.

For eight months I dealt with headaches, stomachaches, and I was unable to lift objects because of low muscle tone.
I couldn’t do anything! I was totally depressed.

I was referred to Dr. Hejny by my former chiropractor and an oral/maxiofacial surgeon.
In Dec. 2006 I went to my first visit with Dr. Hejny.
It was miraculous! The pain in my back and especially in my neck was MUCH better.

The Dr. is the VERY BEST. He not only finds the problem, but gets results as well. His staff is very competent, caring, supportive, and again the best.

I would recommend this office to everyone!”
-Jeffery Marcus

Success: Earaches, Migraines, and Tension Headaches

“My condition began in 1970, while working for the construction industry. My health problems had interfered with my normal life’s activities and relationships, it made all things disappear except for work—which was no fun. If I was not working, then I was resting. During that time I had seen four specialists; five doctors; one neurologist and one surgeon. Unfortunately, I did not receive any success from these attempts.
Dr. Chase referred me to Dr. Hejny’s office, where I began my care with Tahoe Forest Chiropractic on July 10th, 2002. My success was immediate. I had results and changes after the third treatment with the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument. My migraines and neck pains improved about 90%” beginning my optimum health plan.

I am very happy with my care here.

Ron Sweet”

Success: Headaches

“I had headaches for the past three years. When I was a teenager I was in a dirt bike accident. I was having alot of headaches after that. I was always in pain, very grumpy, and I constantly wanted to go to bed (to get rid of the pain). I was unhappy because I could not spend a lot of time with my daughter, due to constant pain and trying to sleep all the time. I tried AHA Chiropractic and unfortunately received no success, I always left in more pain. I tried “all” headache medication, which was not the answer, so Dr. Hooker referred me to Dr. Hejny’s office.
I began my care with Tahoe Forest Chiropractic on November 18th 2004. I am glad to say that the pain and pressure in the back of my head is gone, the stiffness and tightness in my neck and shoulders is gone. I can move better than before!

“Medication is not the answer. The techniques are painless and fast acting. The staff is the best!!! They make you feel welcome and confident.”


Deanna Dunn”